Geomatics Association of Nova Scotia (GANS)

Geomatics Association of Nova Scotia 

Mission Statement

The Geomatics Association of Nova Scotia also known as GANS was incorporated in 1989 as a non-profit association with the mission to promote the further development of the Nova Scotia Geomatics Industry, making it competitive both domestically and internationally, and increasing its material contribution to the provincial economy.

GANS strives to foster the application of geomatics within all sectors of Nova Scotia with collaboration among a broad membership representing public, private  and academic interests.


As a result of extensive consultation with the membership in 2012, GANS compiled an annual work plan built around achieving the following goals:

  1. GANS will Grow and Promote Geomatics Industry in Nova Scotia
  2. GANS will strive to Constantly Improve the Value Delivered to Members of GANS
  3. GANS will Enhance the GANS Profile to Better Represent Private Geomatics Sector

The annual work plan outlines objectives aimed at achieving these goals. Objectives are further supported by activities planned throughout the year. the 2014 GANS work plan will be made available at the 2013 Holiday event in Halifax.

2013 GANS Golf Tournament

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