GANS Geographic Education Poster Series

Geography Helped Me Get Where I am Now

Ted MacKinnon, Geomatics Specialist

Are you a Nova Scotia high school graduate? 

Have been working in the geospatial industry for 10 years or less? 

Are you willing to help promote Geographic Education and the Geomatics Sector?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then we encourage you to consider helping us expand our "Geography Helped Me Get Where I am Now" poster series.

Over the past 3 years, GANS has been producing customized posters to help promote geospatial careers and the study of geography. The unique posters are sent to high school Geography classrooms throughout Nova Scotia. Each poster features alumni from that school who now works in a geomatics related discipline. The poster includes a list of their education, present career title and employer.

Each poster is also linked to the GANS website Geospatial Careers Section where the professionals in the posters further explain their career and how geography has helped them along the way. Interested students, teachers, and parents can then learn of what types of interesting activities are involved in the person’s job. 

GANS would like to match the poster with the high school from which the person graduated, to create an even more meaningful link to the students in that school. We believe that this initiative helps promote both high school geography and our industry, ultimately resulting in more students pursuing geospatial studies and careers after they leave high school. It also provides more knowledge to the teachers, parents, and general public about what our industry does, and how we provide services and knowledge that they depend upon every day.

And all you would need to do is help with acquiring an interesting picture of yourself ‘performing geomatics’, provide a bit of background information such as education and employment status, and write a very short description of the interesting aspects of your jobs.

We have created over 25 posters and our goal is to eventually produce a poster featuring a graduate from each of the approximately 100 high schools in Nova Scotia. 

The Association of NS Land Surveyors and the Centre of Geographic Sciences are partners in this venture. 

Please seriously consider assisting us by volunteering yourself , and/or by promoting the idea to your colleagues.

For more information, please contact us

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