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Terms of Reference


Communication is a vital and often overlooked component of an Association. Keeping members informed of social or education events, promoting member and industry news are only a couple of examples of providing timely and quality information to GANS members. Communication to its membership is one of the single most important tasks that an Association has and requires the attention of a full time Workgroup.

Goals / Role of the GANS Communication Workgroup:

  1. Provide an outlet for members to receive geomatics industry news and to stay informed about geomatics events in Nova Scotia
  2. Ensure the Association’s website is up to date, relevant and a leading geomatics website in Nova Scotia.
  3. Maintain & update social media sites in a timely fashion.
  4. Ensure effective Communication by keeping all media channels coordinated and in sync.  
  5. Ensure workgroup operates in unison as it is the voice of the Association.
  6. Provide a monthly activity report at the GANS Board meeting.

Members and Chair person(s):

The GANS Communication Workgroup consists of up to 6 people. Workgroup membership is open to any member of the Association in good standing.  A Chair will be ratified by the Board who will serve a one-year term.


The GANS Communication Workgroup reports directly to the GANS Board


The GANS Communication Workgroup meets as required, to collaborate and connect through innovative, technology-driven methods.


The GANS Communication Workgroup members serve without remuneration.

Amending Procedures:

The GANS Board must approve amendments to these Terms of Reference.

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The Geomatics Association of Nova Scotia uses a tiered level sponsorship program.

All levels of sponsorship help generate revenue necessary for the Association to operate but provide different benefits back to the company or organization in return for their generous support.

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